I adore this mural.

When it was being mapped out, I did not expect it to hit me so powerfully. I don’t know if it was because I witnessed its development or if the mural’s context makes me seek this out walking home.

I heard that the artist was profiled in the City Paper recently and someone, as people are often primed to do, took offense to the the artist by demolishing his work.


The sight hurt.


I didn’t expect that.


For a week, I changed my routine. It helped that I was sick and needed soup from Sweet 27 (Thai Chicken, orange juice and Mucinex.). And it slipped my mind as trifles often do.

A few day later, I took the familiar path, and found myself turn to look and see the tree man restored. And it brought more than allergy tears to my eyes.


Maybe this shouldn’t be a trifle. But if it did not exist, I would still walk that street. So a repeated burst of joy makes my everyday routine a little better.